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flower bouquet cookie box backer - digital download

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These box backers to create boxes of cookie flower bouquets are so unique, fun & beautiful! 

First, you'll need to print the box backer. I recommend printing on either white cardstock or just regular printer paper if you'd like to save money. You can do this on your home printer or through a print shop or office supply store. You'll need to cut out the box backers, they come with cutting lines and a craft paper trimmer makes easy work! 

I recommend sealing the cookies in a bag together or individually, taping it on to the box backer, and sliding it in your box. 

With your purchase you will receive in PDF format in a zip folder (you simply need to open the folder to access all included files):


1 - PDF file with 2 backers on the page that are 4.75" tall by 6.5" wide.
1 - PDF file with 1 backer on the page that is 6.75" wide by 9.5" tall.

You will receive a total of 4 files - 2 will have "happy Mother's Day!" on the tag, and the other 2 will be a blank tag for personalization.

Boxes that fit for 4.75x6.5 size:
FB2, FB16, WGRG2, WH2 from (use code PRINTABLE10 for a 10% discount)
#830968 from

Box that fits for 6.75x9.6 size:
3535x3533 - 10" x 7" x 1 1/4" Brown/Brown Two Piece Simplex Cookie Box Set, with Window
3522x4218 - 10" x 7" x 1 1/4" White/White Two Piece Cookie Box Set, Simplex Base with Clear Lid
Or any other 10x7 size from

You will be able to access your downloads by staying on the purchase completion page until the downloads are ready, and/or via the email sent to you upon purchase. 

 Please note that I only provide downloads in the aforementioned format, and I do not provide JPEG or single image files. Each file has been test printed and any errors in printing will require troubleshooting your computer and/or printer settings by you. Additionally, colors may print differently on your printer than you see on your monitor.

You may use these images with your own cookies / treats / gifts, but please do not share, alter, modify, or redistribute this file. Please send any interested friends to my shop! Thank you for your support of my business!