Terms & Conditions

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Simply put, if something isn't right, I'll do my best to help make it better. 

That being said, it is very hard for me to provide tech support for your computers or printers. If something isn't printing right for you, I can make suggestions if I have them, but I am not able to guarantee that your printer and or computer will work correctly. Sometimes,  a quick google search can solve problems with your specific printer. Other times, changing the browser, device, program your files are opening in, or converting the file to another format such as a high quality JPEG will do the trick. For more assistance, please see our printing information & tips page - https://cookieprintableshop.com/pages/printing-information-tips

For customer support, please contact: sarah@sweetdreampackaging.com

Returns & Refunds

Due to the non-returnable nature of digital downloads, refunds will not be given for those. I encourage you to read descriptions carefully and understand the file format prior to purchase! 

If a refund is requested on a physical item with a quality issue or a shipping delay, we will work together to find a solution. Over-purchasing or change of mind are not valid reasons for return. 

Processing & Shipping

Processing time is in addition to shipping time - think of it as the time it takes to get your order ready for shipping. 

I'm not able to make refunds for delayed packages, unless the item is so delayed that you will be unable to use it in which case I will initiate a courtesy return on a case by case basis. I cannot be responsible for lost, misdelivered, or stolen packages or instances where the buyer entered an incorrect address.