printing information & tips

Did not receive email to download or used an incorrect email address:

No problem. Just contact me through the contact form on this website or email to have me resend the file email or change the email address on your order. 

File Access:

You will be able to access your downloads by staying on the purchase completion page until the downloads are ready, and/or via the email sent to you upon purchase. Some files will come inside a compressed ZIP folder, which you can simply double click to open all included files. Please immediately save the files on your computer to ensure access. 

Formatting of files:

File formatting is ONLY provided as described in the listing details. I only provide full page PDF files. I do not provide JPEG or single image files, files used on cutting machines, or files that are formatted for specific labels unless described as such in the listing. 

Printing & Cutting:

I recommend printing on white cardstock (110lb is my preferred weight). My Instagram feed has highlights about printers & paper selections along with links to my favorite products. Files come with faint cut lines, making them easy to trim with a paper trimmer. 

Print Settings:

Ensure that you are printing at 100% scale (NOT scaling to fit) as some files have thin margins. Any discrepancies in size with home printing or with print shops could be caused by scaling. 

Errors in printing:

Each file has been test printed and any errors in printing will require troubleshooting your computer and/or printer settings by you. Occasionally computers and printers will have communication errors and files will print incorrectly, this occasionally happens at office supply stores. In these instances, you can try the following:

  • Convert the file to a high quality JPEG (200 + dpi) by using "save as" or "export" on your computer. 
  • Try opening the file/ printing the file from a different browser or program on your computer.
  • Try opening the file/ printing the file from a different device. 
  • Loading the files on a thumb drive for the office supply store rather than uploading them to their website.

Additionally, colors may print differently on your printer than you see on your monitor. To adjust how colors print, you may be able to adjust the print quality or paper options in your printer settings.


You may use the end products of these downloads with your own products for sale or gifts, but PLEASE do not share, alter, modify, sell, or otherwise redistribute this file. You are NOT permitted to print my files and sell copies or resell any of my products in a for-profit setting. To keep my business running, I rely on the integrity of my customers to not share files and to follow these guidelines. Please send any interested friends to my website! Thank you for your support of my business!